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Conversations in Responsible Computing

NeurIPS Keynote 2020: “You Can’t Escape Hyperparameters and Latent Variables: Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Enterprise”

How do the technical challenges of machine learning square with their real-life consequences? How do we build products that are responsive to diverse users? And what voices do we need to solve these problems?

Charles Isbell and Michael Littman brought together a wide-ranging group of researchers to discuss these questions for the keynote address at NeurIPS 2020. You can watch that address below, and over the coming months we will share the interviews that went into it, as well as an annotated bibliography of suggested reading.

“Machine Learning has exploded onto the world stage. The products of our work are out there having a real impact on human lives.”

Charles Isbell

Charles Isbell is the Dean and John P. Imlay, Jr. Chair of Computing at Georgia Tech.

Michael Littman

Michael Littman is the Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science at Brown University.

If you are watching on a phone or tablet, you may prefer this vertically-stacked version: